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lVapour blasting

This is a non aggressive cleaning process using water and a fine abrasive medium blasted at the component, ensuring a superior finish on the end result.  With the softer surface finish components keep cleaner for longer whilst avoiding damage.

lDry blasting

We use a range of multi-media.  Ideal for removal of paint, rust and other contamination from multi-metal surfaces, plastics and wood.  We use a large range of suction fed blast media, aluminium oxide of all grades, glass bead blasting of all grades and organic medias, i.e. olive shell.

lUltrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning combines high frequency ultrasound and a cleaning solvent to clean stubborn deposits from areas that you cannot see. It cleans internal cavitations which are otherwise inaccessible through normal cleaning methods.

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Vapour Blasting l Dry Blasting l Ultra Sonic Cleaning